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Welcome to Cleaners in Dulwich We have over 10 years of Experience

The Dulwich Cleaner started out as a small cleaning company run by Agnes and Paul. Eventually, the business expanded, and though the staff only consits of them and six additional people, it has since managed to become the most reliable and devoted cleaning company in the Dulwich area.

The most important thing you need to know about us is that we are not a cleaning agency. We are not a large company simply dispatching one of many faceless workers to clients we never even speak with directly. We make it our top priority to make our services as personalised and solid as they can be. And so far, we’re succeeding. There are many satisfied clients praising our high-quality services and direct approach.

The high standard of our service is ensured through a very thorough recruitment and supervising process. All our employees are prepared and tested for a couple of weeks before they start working at a client’s house, and even after that we have a supervisor that visits the client’s home on a regular basis to make sure the cleaner is doing the job up to our high standard. Through these quality checks, we can ensure a service that’s better than any other cleaning company in the area.



Our main specialty is regular domestic cleaning, but unlike most cleaning companies, we can also take on other domestic tasks that you need help with or simply don’t have time to do, such as ironing. Our staff is well-trained to perform a number of those as well, so you can be sure that your ironing will be free of any creases.

In order to stay in touch with our clients as well as keep up with the constant feedback we receive, we run an unline communication system which allows our clients to contact us in private and leave direct feedback on the tasks our cleaners have performed. Each piece of feedback and request is responded to indicidually, and changed to our cleaning schedule will be implemented in a matter of hours. So no matter where you are or how busy you may be, you can be sure that you can contact us and we’ll fix things right away.

If you’re looking for a good, solid cleaning service for your home, there really is no better place to choose than The Dulwich Cleaner. Contact us whenever you can, and we’ll be sure to visit you at the earliest convenient time to iron out the details of our work for you. No matter how many hours of cleaning you require, our flexible work schedule lets us adjust our work completely to your needs. Don’t hesitate and call us today!

Who Are We
We are not a cleaning agency, which means that we can offer high quality services while maintaining a close and personal relationship with our clients.
More About us
We're a devoted team consisting of 8 people, all of whom are driven by a real passion to bring order and tidiness into your homes.
Our Specialization
We specialise in general domesting cleaning, but we also have experience in ironing and other domestic services not usually included in such an offer!
Our Vision
A company that offers such high-quality services and treats their clients with such respect and dedication

Call us 0208 935 5826


How can I arrange a cleaning service with you?

Feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone to arrange an appointment and get a free price estimate for your cleaning job. We can visit you Mon-Fri 10AM - 7:00PM.

Is there a minimum required number of hours I can hire you for?

Yes. For our regular cleaning services, there is a required minimum of 2 hours per week.

Do you provide fortnightly cleaning services ?

Unfortunately, we provide only weekly cleaning services and one-off cleaning services detailed in our price list includes all costs and you do not need to pay anything extra.

What is the notice period for contract termination?

Because of the fact that our customers rarely change, we do not enforce a fixed period of notice for contract termination like other cleaning firms. You have the right to terminate our services at any time.

What if my regular cleaner is sick or on holiday?

We'll always have a replacement for your usual cleaner in case of illness or any other kind of absence.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept weekly cash payments, weekly bank transfers (standing orders included) or monthly payments in advance for our regular cleaning services. Cash on completion or advance bank transfer payments are required for one-off cleaning services

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