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About office cleaning

Cleaning your home is one thing, but offices require a different kind of attention. It goes without saying that offices need to be open to a larger number of people than a simple home, not to mention the equipment and furniture found there is completely different than that at home. Luckily, the Dulwich Cleaners are experts in more than just cleaning houses.

We offer you a range of amazing office cleaning services. With experienced cleaners who have many years of training in the field, we can provide you with extensive office cleaning that will allow your workers to work comfortably. We know from our own experience that a clean, well-maintained environment can have a crucial role in improving the quality of work of your employees.

The Dulwich Cleaners have provided their services to London offices for many years, offering a quality of service unmatched by any other office cleaning company. Our small team of devoted cleaners has great experience with many offices and other commercial areas. We know everything there is to know about keeping an office clean and comfortable for the people working in it. We provide phone sanitation, computer cleaning, among many other office-specific services that make the whole office experience better than it already is.

With great attention to detail and amazing prices, we offer a full range of cleaning services specifically geared toward offices. If you’re looking for someone to simply clean your office on a daily or otherwise scheduled basis, we can provide that for you with our daily office cleaning services. But basic cleaning is far from the only service we can offer for your office. Carpets and floors can be cleaned on request as well. With our specialist equipment, we can help keep your hard floors and carpets sparkling clean all the time. And if your windows or advertising signs are in need of a thorough cleaning to help improve the appearance of your office to passers-by, we can offer that to you as well.

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What if my regular cleaner is sick or on holiday?

We'll always have a replacement for your usual cleaner in case of illness or any other kind of absence.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept weekly cash payments, weekly bank transfers (standing orders included) or monthly payments in advance for our regular cleaning services. Cash on completion or advance bank transfer payments are required for one-off cleaning services

How can I arrange a cleaning service with you?

Feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone to arrange an appointment and get a free price estimate for your cleaning job. We can visit you Mon-Fri 10AM - 7:00PM.

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