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About spring cleaning

Cleaning your home on the regular is incredibly important. However, even if you clean everything thoroughly every time, it is impossible to keep every nook and cranny clean 100% of the time. Even with a dedicated cleaning team maintaining your home with expert tools, there are areas of your home, such as heavier pieces of furniture, unused cabinets, etc., that require much less cleaning regularly due to being rarely used, but they still require a thorough cleaning every once in a while.

For all those instances, the Dulwich Cleaners offer a fantastic one-off/spring cleaning service. Though we take special care when cleaning your house normally anyway, during our spring cleans we can offer you an in-depth cleaning experience like no other. Our highly skilled team of cleaning operatives can handle every last piece of dirt in even the most inaccessible of places thanks to the professional equipment they have available on hand. From top to bottom, we’ll leave no place uncleaned during our spring cleaning.

We will begin the spring cleaning in your entrance hall and stairways, if you have them, and will move on to cleaning your front door, all the lights, light switches, floors, and any other objects that are not touched during usual cleaning. We will then move on to the kitchen where we clean all the surfaces, starting with the insides of your cupboards, microwave, oven, fridge, and any other appliances, such as toasters, coffee machines – whatever items you may have in your kitchen, you can expect them to be sparkling clean by the time we’re done with them. After the kitchen is done, we move on to the bathroom and proceed with a thorough cleaning, starting with descaling the bath and shower, then cleaning all the mirrors, tiles, lights, basins, and toilet, with incredible attention to detail. After we’re done with that, we deal with the rest, cleaning all of your rooms with all their windows, skirting boards, lights, etc. Once we’ve cleaned your whole place, you can be sure there won’t even be a speck of dust left.

When do you work?

We work Mon-Fri 8AM - 7PM and Sat 8:00AM - 2PM (reserving Saturdays for one-off cleaning services).

Do you work all year around?

We work all year around except for the period between 27 December and 10 January.

How do you vet your cleaners?

Our cleaners are employed directly by us and checked for passport, full UK driving license, address, migration status, CRB, and are given a test on common cleaning tasks. Candidates who have passed the vetting procedure undergo intensive training and work under our supervision. After a couple of weeks training, our cleaning staff is ready to work on our customer’s property on their own.

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